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    when interpreting statutes.  If it were a constitutional case,  one could argue:


    "If it is not clear what the Constitution says,  the court should defer to what Congress says"


    At least that's a rule one could follow.  But what you are arguing is this:


    "If it is not clear what Congress says,  the court should defer to what Congress says".


    which is not really much help at all.

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    Wasn't deferring to Congress and the executive just part, but not the sole reason?  Or was that the dissenting judge in the DC Circuit?

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    Death Panels


    The GOP idea of old was approved by Congress  after several quick months crafting it, with no GOP politicians willing to support a bill with improvements over their colleagues old Anti-Hillary-Care plan, because at that time, Obama was still going to let Iran have the Nuke, give trillions to lucky-ducky poor,  be soft on OBL etc.


    Death Panels


    The worst thing Congress can do is use GOP bills and make improvements.    Especially apparently fake bills which must have been designed only to keep Hillary-Care from passing.


    Death Panels

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    I think I've laid out my reasons over the months for criticizing Obama. I believe those reasons are valid and they compel me to conclude that he's a failing president. You may agree or disagree with those reasons and conclusion, and that's fine.

    Two, we don't know how a McCain would've performed as president, and speculating on this hypothetical is a pointless exercise, IMO.

    Three, we do agree that Ted Cruz would be a lousy president. I'll never vote for him for anything. Ever.

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    Here's a thought. Instead of name-calling, perhaps you can inform us which nations Obama has had improved relations with, Burma aside.

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    I don't think you should be lecturing me about historical analogies, but that's just me.

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    Might want to instigate a class-action suit on behalf of all those on Death Row, to make sure they are properly executed.


    Death penalty fans.  Gruesome little creatures.  

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    The curious aspect of the Deep State is just how little of it is actually government.  Do you realise more civilian contractors have Secret and Top Secret clearances than military and government personnel?  It should be obvious, by now, that government does not steer the boat:  it is steered.  You don't have to be a conspiracy nutjob to understand how the un-virtuous cycle works:  the current system reduces our elected officials to whores.  It costs millions to get elected.  But there are million dollar paydays at the end of your term, if you play your cards right, as good ol' David Petraeus shows us, hero of the age, now making rain for KKR.  


    Think of these election donors as Venture Capitalists.  What does a VC want?  More than a return on his investment:  he wants control.  And it's not just the USA:  look at Europe's curiously muted response to the MA-17 shootdown.   France, Germany, hell, they're all doing business with Putin.  Notice I didn't say Russia, I said Putin.  Putin and his cronies run Russia.  We in the West say that's a terrible thing, oh my, a bunch of unshaven gangster types, warlords, looting the wreckage of downed airliners.  They're all whores.  They'll take almost any amount of abuse and degradation if the money is right.  The only difference between Putin's tyranny and any other form of government is how much closer Putin's cronies are to actual power.  An autocrat can say "L'état, c'est moi."  Well, everyone serves someone.  Obama just serves different masters.


    Forget government.  No matter how much noise the politicians make, they know which side of the bread is buttered.  Government of the people, hell, government serves only as a proxy for those with actual power.  Trotsky once said words like Commodities, Money, Wages, Capital, Profits, Taxes and suchlike are only quasi-mystical thoughts in people's heads about the various aspects of a process of an economy they neither understand nor control. 


    But someone controls them.  And those who do, control the world.  

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    start an Islamic Reformation, then you are going to personally own the consequences. If you're imagining the consequences would be sunshine and roses, maybe you ought to examine your historical analogy in a little more detail.

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    Perhaps that concept is too leftist for you, but it's not clear to what extent Obama is even in control of e.g. deteriorating relations with Germany. 


    The Obama policy of focusing attention on the Pacific Rim seems popular from my PoV. E.g. S. Korea appears generally happy that the US is interested in strengthening ties, containing China, and not focused principally/exclusively on oil producing states in the ME.


    I think your assessment may be somewhat hyperpartisan.

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    Do you really think there was a better time in the world at large?  Do you really think the mixture of Religion and Politics has ever produced anything good?   Islam will not be reformed, willingly.  Nor will these idiotic national borders last much longer.  The Neocons had one thing right:  the status quo ante wasn't working.  The longer it stuck around, the longer the world pretended it could prop up these absurd nations, the worse it would become and the more damage the resulting national collapses would be.  


    We did it their way.  Cost us trillions.  Now the status quo ante is gone forever.  The whistle has sounded, the plunger has been pushed, the dynamite has detonated, the building is collapsing.  Sauve qui peut.  

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    is calling for US intervention here and there.  Do wish you'd lay off the Obama-bashing for a bit, it's very silly.  Every day bringeth fresh hell and the world still turns to the USA for assistance.  Our enemies hate us more and our allies, for all their shrieking about the spying, sound a bit like Captain Louis Renault, shocked, shocked to find spying going on in here.


    Obama is a far better president than you suppose.  President Cruz, eet eez to larf.  He's just McCain redux, younger, stupider and more ambitious.  Didn't go so well for McCain, playing to the rubes.  Won't go any better for the Cruz Missile.  What an intemperate idiot is that one.

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    A Cruz administration can gut Obamacare without even moving a bill through Congress. There are two more district court cases on this issue in Indiana and Oklahoma, and then it'll move up to the Supreme Court, most likely. Like I said, I predict that it's more likely than not that the DC Circuit ruling will get overturned.

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    but I've yet to see where Obama has improved relations with anyone else in the world, except maybe Burma.

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    The law as proposed was written to peel off just enough female GOP Senators from Maine to get past cloture. As for the rest of your comment, weighted accordingly.

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    Because the status quo is working so well.

  • Reply to: Liveblogging the bombing of Gaza.   6 hours 57 min ago a means of liberation.


    The question is what does this mean?


    Since I believe, and Hamas says, this entails the destruction of Israel...


    I see most Gazans are legitimate targets of war.


    I don't understand what is so hard for you to understand about this.


    You say this was unnecessary....why?


    What was unnecessary?


    Gazan rocket fire or Israeli response?


    I am puzzled by your positions in this.


    It is you that says a colonizing people need to exterminate those colonized. 


    Let's get with it.



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    As this whole line of "it's not fair that we're not allowed to intimidate companies into sabotaging the death penalty!" arguments should have been all along.

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    The fact that the Republican judges couldn't even admit that there was a reasonable alternative means they may have had a political agenda.


    I read through the DC court's decision which "re-interpreted" the rest of the bill, where reporting to the IRS re: income and tax credits is done for some other reason than to receive subsidies, where states relying on the federal exchange have no "qualified individuals" for those exchanges, just other kinds of customers, etc.


    It's a strained if possible interpretation of the bill, but the idea that it's the only viable interpretation is absurd.