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    then why did no many people know about it but nothing happened? But good for the Guardian for having one article that used "Pakistani" instead of "Asian".

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    Perhaps those Muslims condemning ISIS can figure out why so many British Muslim are joining ISIS, and perhaps they could provide some concrete solutions instead of bitch about it and put forth some bulls**t that criticizing them creates more jihadists. Maybe the MCB needs to grow up and realize that they've got a serious problem on their hands.

    BTW, I have criticized the Catholic Church for its pedophile problems, more than once. Personally, my children were much closer to that problem than they should have been. They were put in public schools not long after, and my opinion of the church is quite low as a result. The priest in question is a Catholic, one of many. It's just a fact.

    Also a fact is that a majority--by far--of the perpetrators in Rotherham are Muslims of Pakistani extraction. The report by Alexis Jay spoke quite clearly to the liberal PC mindset that enabled 1,400 underage girls to get raped. It's not just me saying it.

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    And like I said, their religion tells them that non-Muslims are lesser beings and that women are second-class citizens.

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    You should check this book out. It's an incredibly erudite examination of the roots of scientific thought (practice, not so much), and the fact that the book is based on a series of lectures shows through in the sense that the erudition doesn't overwhelm the dialectic.

    It's been too long since I've read it to do the arguments any justice, but I don't think the kind of thesis Whitehead advances stands up to an actual reading of the late medieval/early modern thinkers--philosophers, mathematicians, and theologians alike--at issue. (The less said about 'Asian' ideas of god, the better.)




    p.s. hi to the rest of you guys (still all guys, I assume?), too.

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    they'll win another Superbowl. There, I said it.

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    And don't you dare say in their comment section that the perpetrators are of Pakistani origin (more here) because, even though it's true, it might offend somebody.

    Here's a Guardian report, which uses "Pakistani" several times over in the body of the report.


    Council and other officials sometimes thought youth workers were exaggerating the exploitation problem. Sometimes they were afraid of being accused of racism if they talked openly about the perpetrators in the town mostly being Pakistani taxi drivers.

    As for 

    failing to speak truth to bad behaviour

    Incompetence is far more likely as a cause for the covering-up, or perhaps more accurately non-recognition of abuse.  But, incompetence is not exactly a crime, especially when it comes to social services.  I worked in the Rotherham area with social services for many years, and it was pretty obvious that not the brightest and best people go into social work - the work itself being repetitive and even boring.  I agree that the upper echelons of social services bear a heavy responsibility, and they should be brought to account.  But criminal behaviour is often hard to detect, and may be harder to prove and prosecute.


    Even advanced and educated groups (catchy pointed out the Catholic Church, and there are others, such as the Barnardo's movement) have issues with abuse - so the problem may not necessarily lie with failing to engage with religion and attitudes that those religions inculcate.


    As for jihadis, yes, of course they are a problem.  But the problem, as I never tire of pointing out, did not appear yesterday.  It has its roots in overt support for conservative Islamic movements - from the post interwar Saudi dynasty to the modern Syrian opposition, and the simultaneous villification of left wing secularist options whenever they made their appearance in the Islamic world, from the days of Sukarno and Mossadegh.


    Good points raised in the diary.

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    No apology necessary, really. You threw something out, and I snarked something back. Just another day at the The Forvm.

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    when not prosecuting wars b/c of some grand over-arching plan to preserve a Kissinger-esque "world order".


    I can't be the only American burnt out on the middle east with a default position of stay the hell out.


    When there's reason to pay attention beyond the headlines, I'll try to do so. What I see now is ISIS folks transparently trying to sucker the US into a conflict with a bunch of high profile beheadings, and that's no reason to take the bait.

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    You got a Karnak Award

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    For the last week or so, I haven't dared to revisit The Forvm, 'cause I was sure I'd overstepped the boundaries, with that comment.


    Apparently not. Nevertheless, BD, I apologize, without reservation.

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    Organizing principles are overrated. Cost-benefit analysis is underrated.

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    If they had been born British would you be braying about how we're too PC to say the rapists were Christians?

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    every American citizen pays more than double for internet that's half as good. Are you suggesting we should be subsidizing today's Wright Brothers, like Elon Musk, by forking over tens of billions in overpayments to today's Charles Schwabs?

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    I see the war drums are beating pretty heavily in America. "Obama needs to do a lot more attacking!"


    Why can't Democratic voters get these war hawk senators out of deeply blue states like CA?

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    will not be in the playoffs this year. Just get used to it.

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    I didn't realize such people are alive today.

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    Lookit Slovenia!

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    that Britain's leading Muslim groups have condemned ISIS, including issuing fatwas against it:


    The fatwa represents the British Muslim community’s strongest denunciation of Isis yet, calling the extremist group “heretical” and “an oppressive and tyrannical group.” 


    Your concern is solely about PC influences that stops people from criticizing Muslims. What you miss is conservatives either omitting that Muslims have condemned ISIS or outright lying that they haven't. 


    As for the liberal PC bias against exposing child sex abuse by Muslims, I don't see why you've tied these issues together. Moreover, groups get away with child sex abuse that aren't under PC protection, e.g. the Catholic church. I get that 'ethnic sensitivity training' in response to investigating child trafficking is absurd, but maybe liberal PC forces aren't as all-pervasive as your diaries and comments suggest.

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    The US is less efficient than France at infrastructure, which falls into what I call "big spending". The French are more organized and have longer-term planning. It is said that in Paris, for example, all the underground infrastructure is neatly documented, every pipe and tunnel located. This means that new work can be planned correctly. In New York there are layers of legacy infrastructure left over from various companies that came and went, some of these things still in operation, others not, with documentation dispersed, missing, or simply inaccurate. You'd think that New York was the older city.


    The thing is, the more chaotic American way does have advantages. The barrier to entry for new ideas is far lower. You do not need approval from a committee of éminence grise experts to approve the construction of Google, Twitter, or the iPhone. You can see the same effect in aerospace, both 100 years ago and today. Whether it's SpaceX or the Wright brothers, one or two crazy Americans (or American immigrants) with a better way is all it takes to revolutionize a field. Europe had spent far more money on aviation that the Wright brothers by 1903, yet the first controlled heavier than air flight was done by the American brothers since they were the ones who noticed that you need to roll an aircraft in order to do a controlled turn, thus inventing alerons.


    In a perfect world you want the French running infrastructure and the Americans building new companies. Alas, each country has to live with one or the other, so we get the crappy infrastructure and they miss out on building new companies.

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    I'm talking about the cost of bandwidth in the US, which is absurdly high, and which leads directly to massive US telecom profits.