Saying Goodbye to Very Young Children

Nadine Gordimer, RIP

"When I began to write as a very young person

in a rigidly racist and inhibited colonial society, I felt, as many others did,

Liveblogging the bombing of Gaza.

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I know we all want to live in alternate worlds but this is JPost's official liveblog of the Gaza bombardment.  Some illuminating comments, and some curious parallels which seem to have bypassed OpEds in the JPost.

July 4, 1776. Vaguely realizing westward

The Gift Outright

Men's Rights Open Thread

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“Women don’t marry men in unemployment lines,” he said. The audience nodded in agreement.

No Nietzsche for You!

The Philosophy Nazis in charge at University College London have banned the incipient "Nietzsche Club" from holding meetings on campus.


"It is like starting a society to study Hitler," they explain. "[T]hey feared discussions about right-wing philosophers could encourage fascism."


University College London is arguably the third most prestigious educational institution in England, after Oxford & Cambridge.


This year's polar Open Thread.

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This year's Arctic ice melt is shaping up to be very interesting.  


Privatisation, the panacea.

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Introducing our soon-to-be new Prime Minister, supposedly winning a cakewalk, if his election campaigners are to be believed.  Starnge to imagine that this could come about so soon after the 2002 annus horribilis.


Courageous Endeavors: Live at Eau Claire Jazz Fest 4 April 2014

City Jazz Fests are many pigs in a capacious poke. Eau Claire is one of the longest running jazz festivals in the nation, 47 years now.  Newport's been running a festival for 60 years but they stalled for a few years - anyway, this year's Eau Claire's jazz fest had eight venues and the odds of hearing good groups are rather better here. I'd never heard of Courageous Endeavors


Pizza Plus was packed, a long narrow venue. The stage backed up to the windows, people milling about.  I'd already heard three groups, somewhat better than average.  Troppo Big Band, twenty-two local musicians of all ages were packing out, with a forest of music stands and a mountain of kit in tow, having just slayed the audience with their rendition of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody.  But I was betting on the Courageous Endeavors, the next band up.  I just liked the name. 



It was 50 years ago today

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that one of the first signs of a cultural revolution manifested itself on national TV. Not that any of the participants realized it at the time (John Lennon was famously quoted as saying that the Beatles would be popular for "two years, tops"). By itself, it wasn't a defining cultural moment for anyone except the young. But the young were just beginning to make their voice heard.


The East is the East and the West goes through bouts of lunacy.

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This is what I felt when I had an interaction recently with a bunch of Afghans who appear to have started their traditional relationships with our plainspeople once again.  And why not?  Their experience with the West over the past 40 years might have finally convinced them that a view of the Hindu Kush induces lunacy in Western governments.


An Experiment In Educational Standards

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This is a question that appeared on a math quiz for a group of primary school students (the wording has been changed slightly to disguise the source, but the changes will not impact the difficulty or basic nature of the question):

John sold cold drinks at his school's annual charity bake sale. He sold 69 cold drinks total. He sold 9 more cups of lemonade than Kool-Aid. He sold 12 fewer cups of orange juice than lemonade. How many cups of each kind of drink did John sell?


--how long did it take you to answer this question correctly?

Happy New Year Open Thread

Party like it's 1999. Make some resolutions, break'em by the 2nd and say "F**kit, we're all going to die anyway. Wooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!"

The Duckman and the Pope [Update: A&E caved]

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If you're publicly opposed to promiscuous and gay sex and same-sex marriage but you make the proper noises on income inequality, and if you package your message in a manner that pleases liberals, then you, too, could be Person of the Year

The principal bully

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Techdirt has a good recap on the sad story of 15-story Christian Adamek, who committed suicide not long after the principal, Michael Campbell, threw the book at Adamek for the awful crime of streaking onto the field during a high school football game. Yes, it was a dumb thing to do, but jeez, the kid was 15.

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