Tonight is the Best Night for Meteors Open Thread

Tonight is peak of the best meteor shower of the year.


Watch it on Wired's Live cam if you're viewing is obstructed because of clouds or because of ...

What're the 2014 midterms about? -Open Thread

It's August already and I'm wondering whether either party has defined one or more central issues on which the 2014 election is being run. If so, I haven't noticed. What do y'all think?


Also, here's a summer jazz album by the inestimable Art Blakey:


Weekend Open Thread

Hope y'all are enjoying the summer as best you can.


Can summer evening chill jazz increase your enjoyment? Only one way to find out:

(This is an early "fusion jazz" album from '69 -- overshadowed by Miles's other fusion albums around the time, "Miles Ahead" ('68) and "Bitches Brew" ('70). It's my fav. among the 3.)

Weekend Open Thread

Leave any thoughts below, and here's some very chill jazz music for a relaxing summer weekend:


Global Temps Continue to Sizzle...Welcome to Hot....Open Thread


The average temperature of Earth’s surface last month exceeded all other Mays before it, since recordkeeping began in 1880, according to new data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association.


The monthly temperature was 1.33 degrees Fahrenheit higher than the average May. That may not seem like much, but on a planetary scale, it’s huge. It ties the highest departure from average for any single month, in weather records that predate electric lights in Manhattan.


Junk DNA and The Sting Open Thread

Most non-coding human DNA has no biological function, so don't buy into the common "modern science has discovered junk DNA probably isn't junk after all" narrative.


Around the World Open Thread

In Italy, a new law allows prisoners to reduce their sentences by reading books.


In the UK, a new law forbids family and friends from sending books to prisoners.


In Iran, women are posting pics of themselves on facebook sans headscarves.


Scottish Independence and Texan Wild Boars Open Thread

Scottish Independence is losing ground despite Chomsky's support. The latest poll shows momentum swinging to "No" on the referendum, 51 to 37.


Texans actually aren't eating enough bacon and ham:

Open Thread!

Income inequality is a hot topic among intellectuals. You've got Thomas Piketty's new book this month. You've got a new think tank this year, The Washington Center for Equitable Growthfounded to accelerate cutting-edge analysis into whether and how structural changes in the U.S. economy, particularly related to economic inequality, affect economic growth.


Open Thread (with a bit of trade deficit)

February's trade deficit widened to 42.3 billion, with about half due to trade with China.


Dean Baker, economic prognosticator extraordinaire at the Center for Economic and Policy Research, identifies the US trade deficit as the biggest obstacle to full employment. 


I call it: "Open Thread With Two Goats Wearing Sweaters"


Hey, goats, what is that, cashmere? Ha ha ha ha heh.

A New Era Begins

As of now, Jay C, M Scott, and Jordan are officially the new moderators. In theory, their term will extend to December 27, 2014.


This is a long time, and from experience I can say that the job can be thankless, which makes it longer. Please then have a heart and give the guys as little work as possible.


It is also a good time for a round of thanks to our former moderators. They did a great job, and for longer than they expected too.


Virtual Reality and Conspiracy Theory Open Thread.

mmghosh's picture

Was Facebook was created by the CIA?  If so, why did they buy Oculus?  More than 60,000 Oculus Developer kits have been sold.  


Sony is readying its version.  No doubt factories in China are retooling to make 6 billion headsets.


This Open Thread is way better than all those other ones

Really, it's no contest. The other threads never had a chance.

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