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One Question Narcissist Test - Open Thread

If you're more interested in how you answer the question than in how a single question can be framed which tests for narcissism, then maybe you don't even need to answer the test question.

Save The Margins Open Thread (with added basketball)

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ATTN: BlaiseP and Jordan: much as we appreciate your discussing petrodollars and reserve-currency issues in our hallowed confines, the discussion on the "Strategery" thread is crashing up against the RH margin at a rare clip: so here's a wide-open new thread to hash it out in!


The Greatest Engineering Project Ever Open Thread.

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For those of us minutely following ITER, the possibility of seeing the project come to fruition within our lifetimes is simply amazing.  


A great write-up for those who need an introduction.


Lebroning open thread

Nation Of California Open Thread

You can thank Bloomberg for the upgrade:

Fewer markets are accepting UN Certified Emissions Reductions, credits created from investment in carbon-reduction programs, as nations from China to California adopt their own standards.

So, did anyone hear about a shooting at a Navy Yard? Open Thread

Is it me or does it seem like the killing of 12 at the Washington Navy Yard is getting less air time than previous shootings?  Anyway, it's been about a week since we've had an open thread so here it goes.

Snowden Keeps on Giving Open Thread

So while Traveller wondered if Snowden would just ride off into the Russian sunset, Greenwald continues to methodically digest and release information. I had guessed that we have not heard the last of Snowden's information trove, and so it is. This week the following were confirmed:

Internet Of Things Open Thread

Is this the kind of world you want to live in?


For yes or for no, discuss.


I'll get the ball rolling with this: After 20 years in tech, I'm feeling itchy to get myself an old rotary dial phone and throw all the silicon junk away. This crap is not what I had in mind.



Egypt Is Looking Really Bad Open Thread

I don't have any observations that are not obvious. This is a really dangerous situation moving rapidly.


If anybody has anything bright to say about it, please be my guest.


If not, be my guest anyway and write about something else.

Dear Ed Open Thread

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I think Edward Snowden is extremely brave to have done what he did.


But he should have made his way to Latin America, not Russia.  This is why.

Dear Ed!

Mind The Income Gap Open Thread

You know, the income gap that's fraying the social fabric. Yeah, that one. Obama seems to be aware of it now, again, or something.


You plebes know what to do. I'll be traveling to Fiji in my personal 767, but one of my assistant's assistants will be available to help out if needed.


Lurkers, show yourselves. Step out of the darkness of lurkerdom.

Captivating title.  I know, right.  When I make dime #1 from writing I'll come back and polish this up a bit.

Anyway, lurkers I'm asking you to step forward.  I'm not asking you to state and defend your position on Article V of the Constitution, just a quick howdy-do.  Maybe a 'hello', how long you've been lurking, explain an interesting handle and maybe tell us what you're wearing. You needn't do this if you're from Ohio, I'd stay in the background too.

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