The Roads are Melting in Yellowstone...(but Really!)


Rather than the Philippines, I am developing a strong desire to head up to some camping with the bears and wolves and bison.


Summer, Western Wisconsin

A lament for Tibet (picture diary).

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We travelled in Western Tibet last month (the bit that belongs to us) - a tiny residuum of an incredibly dense and literate culture, almost, one hears, wiped out in its own land.  Fortunately this culture seems to be relatively safe with us, rather than our somewhat more intolerant neighbors. (and other European Adventures, Video & Pics) a continuing Project, to be added to from time to may you


April 29, 2014


I am in London and there is an Underground Transportation Strike when I arrive at London Heathrow Airport...madness everywhere...see attached link with pictures.


The would take you two stations and then you'd have to transfer by foot to a different station...up and down...

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Re Catchy’s serial killer link, I thought I’d mention my own experience.


African Safari Trip Lessons

Good Manners Around the World Open Thread

Swissotel has put together this handy dandy infographtastic guide to basic etiquette around the world (tipping, greeting, table manners).


Have they overlooked anything from your neck of the woods?


(Via Lifehacker)

My Shoes and a White Shirt (Utah, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming)

A friend, Paul A is always picking on in his good-natured way took me to task for my hiking shoes in this image from Togwotee, Wyoming...(Google Maps is not your friend in this instance!!!...a dot in nowhere about 20 miles west of the Grand Tetons)...illustrated here, with an image shot with my cell phone, to which he objected saying these were improper shoes for cold mountain hiking:

Me & Shoes at link:


First Snow: Augusta, Wisconsin

The News from Augusta, Wisconsin

An Amish man and his seven year old son ride north on Stone Street in an open black carriage wagon behind a magnificent black Arabian. I raise my hand in greeting and shout out “A lovely horse, that!” The Amish man grins broadly and shakes the reins slightly.

Renaissance Fair

Part carnival, part dress-up, part arts and crafts, with a generous dose of goofiness and good cheer, I give you some images from the Chippewa Valley Renaissance Faire.

The assault on Mehran.

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The TTP's raid on Mehran, in the same month as the assassination of Osama bin Laden, is nothing short of dramatic.

[url=]How it happened.[/url]

Javed Husain is [url=]troubled.[/url]

Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge

Catchy Asia adventure

Thought I'd jot down a few thoughts for anyone interested. 


The night before I flew out an old friend came into town for a bachelor party, we got drunk, and I sprained my ankle reasonably seriously. It swelled to huge proportions and I cried out at the thought of hobbling around Hong Kong the next day and going to Asia for the first time as a cripple. Luckily I was able to get ahold of some crutches late at night and flew out the next morning.


How should a Guerreriste end his days?

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When a BenAli is forced to end his days amidst the deserts of Saudia, easeful and honourable though that may be, accompanied by his gold-heisting lady, one admires the panache, but doesn't necessarily wish to share it.

Naturally, the old cares of the the odd Tunisian [url=]continuing to be shot[/url] are off his shoulders, but it doesn't [i]seem[/i] like the perfect ending.

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