Terrorist attack in Ottawa

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That's what it is when there's a gunman attacking multiple non-military locations at roughly the same time. Whether those gunmen are militant Islamists, we'll find out soon enough. [EDIT: We found out. Single gunman, militant Islamist.] A couple of days ago, a militant Islamist ran over and killed a Canadian soldier. I speculate that he said a few "God is greats" before murdering the guy.

Disruptive technologies.

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The composer Howard Goodall came up with a series of very interesting documentaries several years ago, which was published as a book, and is now available on youtube.






Counsels of War: the outside world's response to ISIL

The Jeddah Communiqué of Sept. 11, 2014 is a masterpiece of do-nothing-ism.  The Sept 15 Paris conference's communiqué is another.


Asharq al-Awsat reports Iran's Ali Khameini is roused from his hospital bed to express his annoyance about Iran not being invited to the party in Paris.


And Iraq's new prime minister is toeing the line for his Iranian masters.


The fight against ISIL is not going well.  Though its brutality has alienated almost everyone, ISIL's position seems stronger than ever: its enemies are disunited.  Yet ISIL suffers from its own internal divisions.  What can possibly be done to counter the threat posed by ISIL?


The Baghdad government is useless.  Quit supporting it.  The various Shiite militias, both out of Iran and within Iraq are the only entities putting up a meaningful fight against ISIL.  The Kurds are hard-pressed and nobody's supporting them.  Given Turkey's treachery, America ought to respond by only backing the Kurds.  Leave the rest to save themselves.


Obama's a fairly clever, cautious war president.  I like the way he rolls.  But his biggest mistake to date was misjudging the outcome in Libya.  The people we backed in Libya weren't exactly grateful for our support in their war against Qaddafi: they murdered our ambassador.  Clinton had enough sense to stay out of the Balkans for a year after his bombing campaign, lifting the siege of Sarajevo.  My prognosis for the remainder of Obama's term is fairly optimistic, he's proven his mettle over time.  But he's going to have to keep John Kerry on a pretty short leash:  there are no political solutions worth considering at this point.  Further conferences of the sort we've seen in Jeddah and Paris are pointless and comical.


My Fellow Americans: What Obama should have said.

My Fellow Americans:  What Obama should have said.



A peremptory fisking of President Obama's speech last night.


Cart well in front of horse

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Over a decade ago, a president made the case for a military incursion in the Middle East to destroy a regime. He put his proposal before Congress and obtained an Authorization to Use Military Force, getting overwhelming approval. He went to the UN Security Council and was rebuffed.

Britain's Muslim problem

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Britain has had a problem with radicalized Muslims, and it continues to this day.

Invasion open thread

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Putin is doing it, using his proxy pro-Russian rebel army along with those Russian soldiers who "accidentally" wind up in Ukraine.

No U.S. ground troops?

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Despite pledging that he would commit no U.S. troops in Iraq, this president is committing U.S. military ground forces in Iraq and Syria.

Example one, the failed attempt to rescue American hostages held by the Islamic State. And if this report is true, Obama dithered for a month before making this time-sensitive decision.

Little coherence

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While our news media has focused its attention this past week on racial strife in middle America and a journalist whose head was removed from his neck, Vladimir Putin is once again violating the sovereign territory of one of his neighbors.

What next Open thread.

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Sign the petition Open Thread

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Being an anti-theist doesn't necessarily mean one cannot like (or even love) certain theisms.  And there are few more fascinating theisms than the Yezidis.





Obama is Losing this War Against Militant Islamism

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Rand Corporation concluded that, as of last March, the number of militant Islamists doubled from 2010 through 2013, among other things.

The Bird Dog Doctrine

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Preamble: Recognizing that there is a war being waged by various groups of militant Islamists on multiple fronts, the U.S. has a role in trying to marginalize those groups to the point of insignificance.

Therefore, the Bird Dog Doctrine is articulated as follows:

1. This is as much an information war as a hot war. The U.S. should utilize its resources to assist the Ummah and theological community in discrediting this ideology. This assumes that the Ummah and theological community are willing to do so.

Then what?

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Ukraine. I predict that Putin will continue to lie and blame-shift. The following paragraphs do not confirm that the blood of 298 innocent civilians (including one American) is on Putin's hands, but the circumstantial evidence is compelling.

Syriaq round-up

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Nonsensical rationale for sending 300 special forces. At his press conference a week ago, Obama said:

Meanwhile, the United States will not pursue military actions that support one sect inside of Iraq at the expense of another.

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