No U.S. ground troops?

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Despite pledging that he would commit no U.S. troops in Iraq, this president is committing U.S. military ground forces in Iraq and Syria.

Example one, the failed attempt to rescue American hostages held by the Islamic State. And if this report is true, Obama dithered for a month before making this time-sensitive decision.

Little coherence

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While our news media has focused its attention this past week on racial strife in middle America and a journalist whose head was removed from his neck, Vladimir Putin is once again violating the sovereign territory of one of his neighbors.

What next Open thread.

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Sign the petition Open Thread

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Being an anti-theist doesn't necessarily mean one cannot like (or even love) certain theisms.  And there are few more fascinating theisms than the Yezidis.





Obama is Losing this War Against Militant Islamism

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Rand Corporation concluded that, as of last March, the number of militant Islamists doubled from 2010 through 2013, among other things.

The Bird Dog Doctrine

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Preamble: Recognizing that there is a war being waged by various groups of militant Islamists on multiple fronts, the U.S. has a role in trying to marginalize those groups to the point of insignificance.

Therefore, the Bird Dog Doctrine is articulated as follows:

1. This is as much an information war as a hot war. The U.S. should utilize its resources to assist the Ummah and theological community in discrediting this ideology. This assumes that the Ummah and theological community are willing to do so.

Then what?

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Ukraine. I predict that Putin will continue to lie and blame-shift. The following paragraphs do not confirm that the blood of 298 innocent civilians (including one American) is on Putin's hands, but the circumstantial evidence is compelling.

Syriaq round-up

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Nonsensical rationale for sending 300 special forces. At his press conference a week ago, Obama said:

Meanwhile, the United States will not pursue military actions that support one sect inside of Iraq at the expense of another.

More on that Iraq-Syria problem

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The red-headed general is back. To get an idea of how badly al Maliki has alienated everyone who isn't Shiite, even Sufis have joined ISIS.

Some observations on this Middle East meltdown

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Here is just one reason why Obama's complete cut-and-run of US combat forces was a major mistake.

Earthquakes domestic and abroad

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Domestic. The term "earthquake" has been overused in reference to the Virginia Congressional primary, but Eric Kantor's loss to Dave Brat was a major political temblor. There have been all kinds of reasons cited for why Cantor lost. Erick Erickson will tell you that Kantor lost because he and his staff were a bunch of as**oles, which sounds sort of plausible.

The Violent Hominid

A recent research paper makes a compelling case that male human faces are the way they are (comparatively ugly, once could say), because they have evolved to take a punch. In essence the paper determines that the hand structure became capable of making a fist at right about the same time that Australopithecus evolved reinforcements to bone structures in the face, but only for males.


Take Iraq, please [Update: Mosul taken by an al Qaeda offshoot]

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Although written over a month ago, this piece by Dexter Filkins is indispensable journalism. The topic is mostly about al Maliki and his management style, or mismanagement style as it were. The first problem was that we backed him in the first place. Yes, there weren't many good choices to be had, but that goes to the management style, or mismanagement style, of the Bush administration.

June 6, 1944

We are met on a great battlefield of that war. We have come to dedicate a portion of that field,

as a final resting place for those who here gave their lives that that nation might live.

It is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this.

A better Bergdahl rant [ADD]

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(h/t Balloon Juice)


One Jim Wright (USN, ret.) has up, on his blog Stonekettle Station, one of the better "analyses" - well, not really an analysis,  actually more of an angry rant - about the wingnut* freakout over the return of SGT Bowe Bergdahl than I have read on the 'Net so far.


No comment, really, other than I (disclaimer: lifelong civilian) agree with it 110%.



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