[Quasi sign-off] The End of my Recession

So it turns out to be a good thing that I hadn't yet signed that adjuncting contract, because I just got an offer on a history lecturership. It's non tenure-track (par for the course these days) and involves teaching at a university's expansion campus, primarily for non-traditional students, to include military personnel. I'll be teaching lots of Western Civ I and II and World History I and II along with the occasional upper-division course. The best part of it is that it bumps me up into another tax bracket. So I'm officially calling an end to the Andrew-cession.

Of course, it's going to involve lots of teaching, and it's going to start much sooner than I'd anticipated. All of which is to say that most free time in my life is about to vanish into a morass of lecture writing and attempts to eke out maybe another publication before the next round of job and post-doc applications starts. So I won't be able to have lengthy, protracted political discussions, especially when I basically approve of most of what BHO is up to.

So I guess I'm kind of signing off until I have a handle on moving, writing lectures, and the like.

For your Forvmites in ABD limbo (catchy et al.): Finish your dissertation!

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I'm working, Andrew!


Nice to hear you've secured employment - Super congrats!!

I'll let ya know about my own attempts this fall and it's been interesting reading about your experiences.

Best wishes adjusting and drop a line now and again, esp. curious what part of the country you're in.

Good Luck, Andrew


And congrats --

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but don't kid yourself, you'll be back.

I blame it all on the Internet

Break a leg Andrew!


Huge congratulations. I wouldn't worry too much...the move will take you out of action, but even with a full teaching load & a publishing schedule you'll find time to start visiting the commentariat again in a month or two, if on a limited basis. (Speaking from experience.)

The alternative would be like not reading the news.

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Best of luck.

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Best wishes for continued prosperity.

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Be sure to stop in to say "hi" every so often.

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The first two semesters are the worst, about 70 hrs a week. But it gets better quick after that, after the third time on the same course Ill bet you can basically wing any lecture if necessary. 15 years in I'm at the point where there's time to check in here 5-6 times a day.

Good luck, Andrew


Very cool that you've gone into teaching.

Yes, good luck.

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I'm sure you're an excellent teacher.

But you should post your insights into the teaching process, and other stuff here, and let others argue, even if you can't participate fully.

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