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Why stop there

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If the left-wing McCarthyites want to take it to its next logical conclusion, then the 35,000 or so who gave to the Prop 8 campaign must also have their careers shortened or ended. Saletan provides a helpful template. And why not add a little wrinkle. For those who don't recant from this heresy, the hell with 'em.

The proposition party?

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When Paul Ryan laid out his new budget, he said that, "We need to be a proposition party, not just an opposition party." I have no problem with propositions. I do have problems when the propositions suck. It'll likely pass the House but, because the Reid-led Senate doesn't have a budget, the Ryan plan will go nowhere. In effect, it is a political template that won't contribute to any legislation.

Tab cleansing round-up

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Douchebag update: It's understandable. When you shovel out so much demagoguery, it's hard to keep it all straight.



St. Patrick's Day open thread

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I celebrated by watching Leprechaun's Revenge on SyFy.


The mystery of MH370 deepens and Ukraine worsens

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Not only is it becoming ever more clear that Flight MH370 was hijacked by either the flight crew or some passengers or both, we now know that the 777 was in the air for over seven hours.


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It's looking more and more likely that Flight MH370 was deliberately flown way off course, crossing waypoints in the direction of the Andaman Islands near India.

Military radar data suggests a Malaysia Airlines jetliner missing for nearly a week was deliberately flown hundreds of miles off course, heightening suspicions of foul play among investigators, sources told Reuters on Friday.

Sink versus Jolly

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In the left corner, you had a candidate with all the winning traits:

For Democrats hoping to claim a prized House seat in a swing district, Alex Sink seemed a shining candidate: a moderate, business-minded banker and former candidate for governor with ample experience in running a big race and raising money for it.

CIA (Update: and White House) versus Senate

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A year ago yesterday, DNI Clapper went before the Senate and lied. We would not have known that his testimony was dishonest and unforthcoming, and we would not have known the breadth of NSA surveillance if not for the Snowden affair.

Another Obama department to be politicized

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This time it's the Office of the Surgeon General with the appointment of Vivek Murthy, a part-time physician, full-time entrepreneur and part-time Obamacare activist. He's a smart guy, Harvard and Yale trained, but at 36, has only practiced medicine for only eight or so years. Not unlike some embarrassing ambassador appointments, it looks like he was nominated to the post as an award for his Obamacare cheerleading efforts.

DeBlasio versus low-income minorities

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Apparently not satisfied with his crusade against horse-drawn carriages, Mayor DeBlasio started a new one against charter schools, and it is a case where ideology and petty politics trump the educational welfare of children. The NYT:

The E-weapon pea shooter

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I'm presuming that Crimea is already lost.

Because its gets almost a third of its natural gas from Russia, the EU does not have economic leverage against the Putin regime for his invasion of Crimea because Russia has a significant energy weapon. The Russian government has control over its natural gas industry and Putin has the ability to control the supply and price of natural gas. In this I generally agree.

Hillary has a point

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Yesterday, Hillary said the following with respect to the present Crimean unpleasantness.

Putin hates gays open thread

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If you say something pro-gay that hits a minor's ears, or even if you wear rainbow-colored suspenders on certain occasions, then you better pay up, bub. 

Putin's alternate view of reality [Updated]

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There are really only two interpretations of Putin's remarks last night, the less charitable (he's lying) and the more charitable (he's delusional). The international community's response, most notably expressed by Merkel, is the latter.

Even more Ukraine [Update: Crimea river]

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I sort of agree with Spengler. There isn't going to be a war over Ukraine. Putin will get his way and there's not a lot the U.S. can do about it.

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