FARC letters

The OAS's condemnation of Colombia's raid into Ecuador is justified on both legal + pragmatic grounds. With any luck, this scolding will satisfy both Ven. + eucador and obviate any need for violently lashing out (as Chavez has been threatening this past week.) If the OAS were an impartial body that evenhandedly condemned international law violations, however, the OAS might have also condemned Ecuador + Ven. for their cozy relationship to the FARC ... which arguably flouts UN Security Council Resolution 1,373:

all States shall: (a) Prevent and suppress the financing of terrorist acts ... (b) Criminalize the wilful provision or collection, by any means, directly or indirectly, of funds ... ... (c) Deny safe haven to those who finance, plan, support, or commit terrorist acts, or provide safe havens ...
etc. http://caracaschronicles.blogspot.com/ For such impartial judgment, Colombia has reportedly turned to the ICC w. a principal aim of discrediting Chavez for providing 300 million $ in funds to the FARC. Ecuador too, however, can rightly be accused of coordinating with + supplying a safe-haven for the FARC, where the evidence for such a charge is fairly interesting since it comes from the lap top of former FARC top negotiator Raul Reyes. Some English translations of portions of his letters follow:
COMMUNIQUE FOUND ON RAUL REYES’ COMPUTER - LETTER ADDRESSING CRITICAL ISSUES WITH ECUADOR TO ALL MEMBERS OF THE FARC’S SECRETARIAT Secre13 February 28th, 2008 Secretariat Comrades, Greetings, ... 2- I summarize my recent conversation with President Correa’s emissary: ... e) He wants to explain the purpose of Plan Ecuador, which aims to counteract the damaging effects of Plan Colombia and which would be applied on the border. f) For Plan Ecuador they are asking us for mass organization courses for the border natives. Those whom later will be commissioned by the government to coordinate the border work with the FARC. With the advantage that some of this people, are part of the Clandestine or participate in the Bi-National Committee guided by the state. ... 4- According to our conversation with the emissary, Chavez-Correa relations are not at their best, besides this Uribe frequently calls Correa asking him to help narrowing the acrimony with Chavez. Besides the Colombian Ambassador, Uribe has located another official in Quito, whose mission is to lobby Correa and his government team, asking for help in the fight against the FARC and the relations improvement with Chavez. 6- The gringos asked for an appointment with the minister to ask him to tell us about their interest in talking about the topics. They say their new president will be Obama, and they are interested in his countrymen. Obama will not support Plan Colombia nor will sign the FTA. We responded that we are interested in having relations with all governments on equal conditions and in the case of the United States it will require a public statement expressing their interest in talking with the FARC because of their eternal war against us. That’s it, Hugs Raúl
=== Comment: it's nice to see even FARC members sign off with such affection. let that be a lesson to us forvmites. Are we to be outdone by the FARC? I think not and I love you guys more than life itself. 2 shows some pretty serious Ecuadorian coordination with the FARC and definitely violates the Un resolutions mentioned above, 4 I tossed in for some insight into the relations between the states, or at least what the FARC were told. Re 6, I know what Clinton supporters are thinking: Reyes was executed in his sleep before March 4th and the FARC doesn't know squat about the comeback kid and her commitment to free trade. == here's another excerpt:
January 18th, 2008 Secretariat Comrades, Fraternal Greetings. 1-I think is time to launch the proposal by Comrade JE to request the government of Venezuela, to receive the prisoners held by both sides, until the final exchange between the continents is signed. This proposal will give Chavez a greater role and will drown the unworkable pressure to allow visits to the sick prisoners after the bell rang by the survival evidences. Besides it will strengthen Chavez’s bold recognition of belligerency to FARC and the ELN that caused such phobia and confusion in Uribe, oligarchies and empires.... 2- We attended a visit by the Minister of Security of Ecuador, Gustavo Larrea, who will be called Juan hereafter, who in the name of the president Correa brought greetings to Comrade Manuel and the Secretariat. He described as follows: 1- Interest of the president to formalize relations with the leadership of the FARC through Juan. 2- Disposition for coordinating social activities to help the inhabitants of the border strip. Information exchange and control of paramilitary crime in their territory. 3- They are willing to change their Armed Forces commanders who show hostile behavior towards the communities and civilians in the area, for which they request our contribution with information. ... 6- They will sue the State and Government of Colombia before the International Court based on the harmful effects of the Plan Colombia cocaine spraying. 7- Next year they will cancel the American license on the Manta base. ... 12- They would give documentation and protection to one of our men, so he can work relationships on their country, which in his view should be discrete due to the risks of capture or assassination by Uribe’s agents. ... We thank their offerings and support to the mission organized by Chavez. On his request, he was told that it corresponds to the Secretariat to respond later. (…) Hugs, Raul
http://bellipotentdocs.blogspot.com/ This is damning and damn interesting in my book... --


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So now that this is all settled

HankP's picture

with the involved parties kissing and making up, what the hell was that all about?

I blame it all on the Internet

Ah, life.


More to the point,


doesn't that imply that the $300 mil was a trial balloon, rather than a serious accusation? Because it's not like Colombia can ignore such things.

It's impossible to debate if people simply hold beliefs that have no grounding in reality.

Stupid diary


Makes me wonder what the farc is going on!

Un fuerte abrazo

“I serve as a blank screen on which people of vastly different political stripes project their own views.”

Damn good diary.


"Their next President will be Obama." That's an odd tidbit for CIA/State to throw out as a bargaining chip. And interesting that FARC won't deal without public recognition (IOW FARC won't deal period).

"Hell is truth seen too late." --Thomas Hobbes

Odd that Chavez would be so exercised about...

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...Colombians in hot pursuit of FARC terrorists onto Ecuadorian soil. When describing Chavez, we can now add "terrorist supporting" to "socialist wannabe dictator".

"Transparency and the rule of law will be the touchstones of this presidency."

--Barack Obama, January 2009

They could just as easily have been on Ven. soil


where the letters outline that Chavez was intimately part of the FARC/Eucadorian relationship.

I don't know exactly what to think specifically re the $300 million. Chavez did just get 7 hostages released. So perhaps all he's guilty of is paying $ for hostages, which isn't that bad.

And perhaps his soft stance towards the FARC was in hopes of securing credit for releasing mroe hostages. Again, there are worse crimes.

That's the best I can tink of to say in favor of Chavez. In fact this is all looking very shady.

Before you get too involved in this

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remember this. The fact that Colombia found a laptop that had documents saying exactly what they wanted to say seems rather convenient. I have no idea if they actually found this laptop or not, but until some supporting evidence comes out I wouldn't accept this as fact.

This is what happens when one lives in a country where the government has repeatedly lied about critical information in the past.

I blame it all on the Internet

good pt.


The letters were published in el tiempo, Colombia's main newspaper.

It's got a decent rep. for Latin America, but there's definitely reason to be skeptical. I remember that some of the owners are pretty sympathetic to Uribe.

... still the letters themselves w. 'Hugs' and descriptions of how Uribe was merely 'confused' and they were 'misunderstood' struck me as authentic.

maybe people are good at creating documents w. such a feel, and your gut shouldn't count for anything, \ but they struck me as strange enough to be the real deal.

I've signed off on several letters with "abrazos"


It's a common enough Yours Truly in Spanish. They do a lot more hugging. It's really nothing unusual. You'll see it all over the place in Spanish letter writing.

thanks BlaiseP


any thoughts on the letters' authenticity generally?

Perhaps what's interesting...


As BlaiseP points out, abrazo and un fuerte abrazo are very common in Spanish correspondence; however, I don't think it is very common in business or professional situations. I thought it was more a close personal friends and family type of thing.

Which could mean that either they are, or someone is trying to make them look, very chummy.

“I serve as a blank screen on which people of vastly different political stripes project their own views.”

It's a common enough expression in email


Especially if you're on the same side of a given issue. I can't speak to South American customs, but in Central America and Mexico, I've gotten "abrazos" in email from other male associates.

As for the authenticity of these emails, I can't say. It's a strange insight into the world of FARC, who are probably no less or more violent than their Guatemalan counterparts back in the day.

Catchy, First Thank You So Very Much For This Diary....


...no one is more anti-FARC and pro-Colombia than myself.

I have one concern, What is the FARC going to do with $300 million dollars that allegedly was given to the FARC by Chavez?

$300M is a lot of money....I'm not even sure that FARC would know what to do with or have any use for that much money. Further, even by the most optimistic estimates, those provided by FARC itself, it has at most 18,000 members, though some estimates put it as low as 6,000.

That's a lot of money for very few people.

I am however heartened by the thought that Uribe is going to press charges against Chavez at the ICC.

Are there bank records, etc?

That Reyes was killed in Ecuador is of no moment to me. Likewise, were Manuel Marulanda spotted in VN, I'd have him killed there were I Uribe.

Please keep us up to date on this most important story.

Best Wishes, Traveller

The estimates I've seen


indicate FARC's annual budget is close to $1 billion.

This place is my vacation.

Lotta $ in cocaine trafficking


$300 million dollars


What is a dirty bomb going for in the black mkt today?

Catchy, nice diary.

““I am sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and disagree with this administration, somehow you’re not patriotic. We need to stand up and say we’re Americans, and we have the right to debate and disagree with any administration!”” –H

thanks to both you + Trav for the kind words


Well deserved



““I am sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and disagree with this administration, somehow you’re not patriotic. We need to stand up and say we’re Americans, and we have the right to debate and disagree with any administration!”” –H

Hugs all around


maybe someday we could even round up some hostages together.

I'll get the horse


you get the rope

““I am sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and disagree with this administration, somehow you’re not patriotic. We need to stand up and say we’re Americans, and we have the right to debate and disagree with any administration!”” –H