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Robin Williams found dead in his Marin county home

Robin Williams, the Oscar-winning actor and comedian whose performances careened from dazzling pop-culture riffs to intense dramatic roles, died Monday at the age of 63, in an apparent suicide that marked the grim end of his recent battles with severe depression.

If Being Stupid is Wrong, I Don't Want to Be Right: A Study on the Persistence of Dumb Ideas

Brendan Nyhan, Asst. Professor of Government at Duke and creator of Spinsanity, one of the internet's original fact-checking outfits, last month released a study about a systematic attempt to correct false beliefs about the connection between vaccination and autism.

I call it: "Open Thread With Two Goats Wearing Sweaters"


Hey, goats, what is that, cashmere? Ha ha ha ha heh.

This Open Thread is way better than all those other ones

Really, it's no contest. The other threads never had a chance.

Giraffe Execution Open Thread

I saw this story about Marius the Giraffe over at TPM, and while it's easy to understand that the zoo felt the animal needed to be put down, and it's also easy to understand that animal rights groups were upset over the poor creature's fate, this is not at all easy to understand:  

Well Thank God That Weekend Came to an End Open Thread

The death of Philip Seymour Hoffman, the public clowning of Peyton Manning and the Broncos (I was rooting for the Seahawks but I came to see a game not a humiliation), now lacing up for a third (or fourth?) winter storm of the year. There are far more terrible things in life, but I would have preferred to see a few dozen more movies with Mr. Hoffman in them, all things considered. 

Speedy Recovery Prayer Circle and Open Thread

Wherein we all hold hands and try to miracle Hank into feeling a little bit less like yesterday's meatloaf. While arguing about stuff.

Must-read NYT investigative report on Benghazi

Catastrophic Failure Update

How did Obama's greatest policy disaster since Benghazi do this week? Turns out it's nearly all good news. Or, in the up-is-down world of modern conservatism, terrible news.  

Rate Shock! Millions of people are in for some major Obamacare sticker shock as they get a look at premiums on the exchage.

Because at least 7 million people who earn too much to qualify for Medicaid will be eligible for zero-premium plans on the new health care exchanges, according to three independent estimates. That's right: $0 a month. Shocking!

From death panels to death spirals: conservatives praying for an adverse selection crisis in Obamacare can keep praying

It's traveling faster than a bad joke on Facebook: the idea that the troubled launch of stands a good chance (hope springs eternal!) of causing the entire scheme to melt down, exposing Obama to the world for what he really is: the second most catastrophically failed President of the past 13 years.  


McArdle McGargles:  

Obamaware is Broken! [Progress Report]

After an inauspicious start, the fragile, unstable system riddled with flaws known as Obamaware has crashed and shattered into a million pieces. Anyone could have told you that launching it now was a bad idea, and in fact it should probably never have been launched at all. But that's a different story


John Kerry's Syrian Moment -- The Gaffemaster at Work or Geopolitical Jiujitsu?

What a difference an afternoon makes. Syria has formally accepted Russia's proposal to create an UNMOVIC-style international inspection force for its chemical weapons, and with that, Russia is now locked in to voting on some kind of intervention that would have the inevitable result of blunting the Syrian government's war machine... an outcome that would have been unthinkable a week ago.

The Republican Party is dysfunctional, it's full of lying idiots, and it is actively harming the country

The always plain-spoken Bob Dole laid into today's GOP this week, saying he himself wouldn't make it in the party as it stands now, nor would Ronald Reagan.  



Republican reactions have been... let's say tense:


Why Romney lost 2.0: how important was the 47% video? [Update - pundits and final tally watch]

Not to step on brendanm98's excellent roundup, but there's the matter of some unfinished business regarding a certain viral video, and whether or not I was right to say "Mitt Romney is Toast" after Mother Jones took it public and showed the world that he regards 47% of the country as a bunc

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