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Disruptive technologies.

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The composer Howard Goodall came up with a series of very interesting documentaries several years ago, which was published as a book, and is now available on youtube.




Growthism Open Thread.

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Good things do come out of Big Academia.


I had never heard of Umair Haque.  Here's one of his blogposts.  When we are told by our Dear Leader to follow the USA in all its modern manifestations - led by Goldman Sachs et al, it should a sobering read for all of us.  But having invented the world's largest and most resilient caste system, I get the feeling that our Vaishya community will be falling over Capitalism.  Or better still Growthism


Education Open Thread

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A few themes, starting with why I love Steven Pinker, and Tiger moms.  Its all about exams, stupid.  My emphases.

What next Open thread.

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Sign the petition Open Thread

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Being an anti-theist doesn't necessarily mean one cannot like (or even love) certain theisms.  And there are few more fascinating theisms than the Yezidis.

Hot curries, part 4.

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Vegetable curries are OK…sort of.  But they need something extra to give them zing.  Over here there are two ingredients that absolutely do give that zing.

One is tamarind…the real tamarind, sour, acid.  Tamarind is what gives Worcester sauce its special flavour.  But commercial Worcester sauce is a weak thing compared to the real tamarind chutney, made fresh daily by almost every street food vendor here.  So the first step is to make a tamarind chutney.


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At least the Cold War made some sense - a clash of ideology about how to run a society, democracy versus tyranny, command economies versus mixed economies and so forth.


What are the conflicts today?

How the Gaza war is brutalising all sides.

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15 killed by shelling of of an UNWRA school.

In an interview with Al Jazeera Chris Gunness, the spokesman for UNRWA, the UN's humanitarian organisation in Gaza, said his organisation had been in contact with Israeli forces as fighting closed in on the shelter.

Liveblogging the bombing of Gaza.

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I know we all want to live in alternate worlds but this is JPost's official liveblog of the Gaza bombardment.  Some illuminating comments, and some curious parallels which seem to have bypassed OpEds in the JPost.

Men's Rights Open Thread

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“Women don’t marry men in unemployment lines,” he said. The audience nodded in agreement.

Who should we support Open Thread.

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eeyn posed an interesting question about who are the good guys in Libya, and BlaiseP summed it up, accurately IMO, that there are no "good guys" - both supposed secularists and obvious Islamists can be both good and bad.


Cut to Syria where a chemical weapon-using supposed secularist is fighting tunnel-bomb using Islamists.

A lament for Tibet (picture diary).

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We travelled in Western Tibet last month (the bit that belongs to us) - a tiny residuum of an incredibly dense and literate culture, almost, one hears, wiped out in its own land.  Fortunately this culture seems to be relatively safe with us, rather than our somewhat more intolerant neighbors.


The Greatest Engineering Project Ever Open Thread.

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For those of us minutely following ITER, the possibility of seeing the project come to fruition within our lifetimes is simply amazing.  


A great write-up for those who need an introduction.


This year's polar Open Thread.

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This year's Arctic ice melt is shaping up to be very interesting.  


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