The assault on Mehran.

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The TTP's raid on Mehran, in the same month as the assassination of Osama bin Laden, is nothing short of dramatic.

[url=]How it happened.[/url]

Javed Husain is [url=]troubled.[/url]

[quote]The repeated failure of the Pakistani security forces to pre-empt terrorist activity has demoralised not only the Pakistani soldiers, sailors, and airmen, but has also severely dented the reputation of the three services in the eyes of the people they are expected to defend. Worse still, the servicemen and the people have begun to see the terrorists as ten feet tall.[/quote]

Adnan Rehmat [url=]provides context.[/url]

[quote]It requires a great deal of planning, resource mobilisation, operational logistics and execution to be able to pull off impressive attacks on high-security complexes like the military headquarters and the naval base. Coming within three weeks of bin Laden’s swift killing by the Americans in Abbottabad in early May 2011, the attack by al Qaeda-TTP on the naval base in Karachi is the third in a series that carries indelible messages of its readiness of combat and signals that there will be no let off in the strategic fight despite elimination of their iconic leader.
These three attacks are generally expected to effectively silence critics that post-Osama bin Laden al Qaeda was going to buckle. Significantly the troika of terror attacks also comes after Saif al-Adel was announced as bin Laden’s acting successor. The succession as well as the high-profile and super deadly attacks are proof, if there was ever required, that al Qaeda is not only alive and kicking but that it’s motivation has not wavered nor its funds, strategists and logistics taken any hit. This means that the al Qaeda-TTP combo retains the will to mount significant terror attacks at will. This also means that al Qaeda is morphing into a more deadly and target-focused entity since post-bin Laden it will have to prove more sinister to strike the same quantum of terror.[/quote]

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And Pakistan becomes the 51st state.

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[url=]As reported here.[/url] [quote]The deal, only weeks after it appeared in public that relations between the US and Pakistan were breaking down following the raid on Osama’s compound, was worked out during a visit to Islamabad a few days earlier by John Kerry, chairperson of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Janjua revealed in a briefing. Kerry’s trip prepared the ground for a short but eventful visit by Clinton and Mullen on Friday. Reporters travelling with the duo on their special aircraft reported in the American media during the weekend that Pakistan had given in to several key demands from Washington before Clinton’s trip. These included access for CIA operatives to Osama’s widows in Pakistani custody and allowing the CIA to search the al Qaida chief’s hideout in Abbottabad. The search got under way as Clinton and Mullen had meetings in Islamabad. The agreement on joint operations means neither Islamabad nor Washington will have to pretend that any future raid to kill al Qaida leaders living in Pakistan was a unilateral American operation without the knowledge of the army headquarters in Rawalpindi. The biggest farce surrounding the Clinton-Mullen visit was that it pre-empted the findings of an inquiry now under way into Osama’s presence in Abbottabad and the raid that killed him. Clinton reiterated at a news conference along with Mullen that “we have absolutely no reason to believe (that) anyone in the highest levels of the (Pakistan) government knew that” Osama had been living in Pakistan for several years although it is now known that the head of Afghanistan’s spy agency explicitly told Pervez Musharraf four years ago the Saudi terrorist was hiding in the vicinity of Abbottabad. “Somebody, somewhere was providing some kind of support,” Clinton added. On her part, the Pakistani spokesperson said: “Obviously, there must have been a local support group, presumably consisting of al Qaida and its affiliates, for Osama. This is common sense.” Therefore, this will be the final conclusion of the Pakistani inquiry, it can be surmised, and both sides will get on with their relationship forgetting any ill feeling, pretended or otherwise, following the May 1 raid on the Osama house. Curiously, neither the Pakistanis nor the Americans were willing on Friday to accept the same argument about the raid that killed Osama: that someone, somewhere in the Pakistani military must have known about the US operation and facilitated it. Of equal significance was an agreement during the Clinton-Mullen visit to continue the presence of CIA personnel, special forces and counter-insurgency trainers in Pakistan, which appeared threatened after Raymond Davis, a CIA contractor, shot and killed two Pakistanis several months ago.[/quote]

freedom is a fundamental value that does not need to be justified in terms of some other value like efficiency

Inside Help, American Built, Though Now Pakistani Planes...


Attackers were in contact with commander

 Updated at: 1517 PST,  Thursday, May 26, 2011
Attackers were in contact with commander KARACHI: The PNS Mehran attackers who stormed the naval air base Sunday night were in contact with their commander via high-tech wireless system, Geo News correspondent Afzal Nadeem Dogar reported.

An inquiry committee, headed by Rear Admiral Tehsinullah Khan, is investigating the terrorist attack. It includes representatives from Pakistan Air Force, police, naval intelligence and Rangers.

After reports of some inside help, scope of the probe has been widened and all personnel of Pakistan Navy deployed at the base have been included in the investigations.

The list of visitors who visited the base during past several days has also been sought to ascertain the details regarding the people they met, when and for how long.

A high-tech walkie-talkie set has been recovered from the bushes confirming the reports that the raiders were in contact with their commander.

The militants came loaded with sophisticated weaponry including rocket launchers hand grenades, Kalashnikovs etc. Raiders fired more than 1100 bullets and seven rockets. Investigators recovered 860 spent cases of Kalashnikovs, 165 of Triple two rifle, 29 of light machine gun, 12 hand grenades, rocket launcher and one suicide vest.

Body parts for DNA testing and finger print match have been sent to Islamabad.

On how effective Mr Obama is, compared to the previous.

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As we see his Administration.  Kamran Shafi [url=]puts it well.[/url]


[quote]As details about the Abbottabad raid appear on the Internet, we find that there were at least 18 American air force planes in the night sky including command aircraft, fighter-bombers, C-130 gun ships, fuel tankers etcetera.

Now then, while we whinge and wail that the Americans didn’t tell us about the impending raid, and hide behind ‘intelligence failure’, what in God’s name would our tin-hats of the army, navy and air force have done if they knew exactly when the Americans would make the raid? Let us be honest for once, for heaven’s sake.

I have always held that we are an indolent and a lazy people who scarcely make any inquiry into matters that should concern us very deeply — for example, knowing our interlocutors well. How many people in the ISI knew that Leon Panetta, the CIA chief, was bringing to his job the long experience of a seasoned elected politician and of a chief of staff to a US president?

How many people in positions of authority followed the brilliant political career of the extremely clever President Obama?

Had they known, they would have realised that there was no fooling these two.[/quote]

freedom is a fundamental value that does not need to be justified in terms of some other value like efficiency

I Just Sigh when I think of Pakistan...



...I know some Pakistani's, nice people...but the country does seem to be a basket case.


You know, you kind of turn your head to the side....and wonder why this should be so?







The School teaching in Pakistan is a disaster.

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[url=]Rumi puts it this way. [/url]


[quote]In post-1979 ****stan, the penchant for jihad has grown stronger. The National Curriculum guidelines forprimary schools cite a key ‘learning outcome’ as recognising “the importance of Jehad in every sphere of life”. Another macabre gem is to train children in making “speeches on Jehad” and assessing “their spirits while making speeches on Jehad, Muslim History and Culture”.[/quote]

And this is just depressing.

freedom is a fundamental value that does not need to be justified in terms of some other value like efficiency