Through London by Video (a Test)



First, I am know as a photographic and not a video guy....these are my
first dedicated camcorder instrument that I bought on the
day I left and read the manual in flight.
I think that by the time I'm in Jerusalem or Paris, I've gotten better.

I know having watched these, I am now.

The question it better to embed 4 or 5 of the best Representative videos, and being embeded compel watching or...try to use Youtube's Playlist for a huge run through London, good videos and bad, but, a complete experience. These are not really about London though...they are what it means and how does one travel through London. Or, that's how I see them.

Still, no more than 30 minutes I would think. One can pause, I suppose.

I myself haven't looked that this.

I need a place to post the link to try it.

Here goes. (I might further note that while I personally would love to see other people's views of where they are and how they travel...this may bore some people to tears. This also is a test).

Let's see.

Best Wishes, Traveller

Edit: PS All of the video was shot in HD, 1080~720p, but some of the videos uploaded at 720p, while most uploaded at 360. Hummm, the 720p tends to hang up a little while playing.

Why would the UL at different rates? I need to figure this out.

Edit 2: when I go full screen, it seems to up itself willy-nilly to 480 or 720HD...this is what is going on.

The Student Protest videos are excluded as are others.

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Why are you not showing the Student Protests?

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freedom is a fundamental value that does not need to be justified in terms of some other value like efficiency

See Subpoena on Twitter Today, Icelandic MP, Scotland


..Yard combing through all CCD video.


I have nothing, can't see nobody, etc. It was crappy night video that I've written over anyway.





Well, the Prince of Wales

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[url=]was targeted[/url] so it will be treated seriously in the UK.

freedom is a fundamental value that does not need to be justified in terms of some other value like efficiency

That's right.


Can't attack a national joke without people getting serious about it.