Some really terrible ideas from the Obama Administration

So my summer online section of World Civilization to 1650 is just about done, and now that I have space, I should be working on my monograph. 


Strategery diplomatique

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Peter Beinert has a pretty good piece on what U.S. diplomatic strategy should be. The three key nuggets:

Memorial Weekend Open Thread

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Blow up the Mississippi Tea Party. Four people, so far, have been arrested for their involvement in the videotaping of Thad Cochran's wife. I would say blow up the entire Tea Party, but they seem to be doing it themselves without outside help.

If Being Stupid is Wrong, I Don't Want to Be Right: A Study on the Persistence of Dumb Ideas

Brendan Nyhan, Asst. Professor of Government at Duke and creator of Spinsanity, one of the internet's original fact-checking outfits, last month released a study about a systematic attempt to correct false beliefs about the connection between vaccination and autism.

Who should we support Open Thread.

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eeyn posed an interesting question about who are the good guys in Libya, and BlaiseP summed it up, accurately IMO, that there are no "good guys" - both supposed secularists and obvious Islamists can be both good and bad.


Cut to Syria where a chemical weapon-using supposed secularist is fighting tunnel-bomb using Islamists.

An rina fari ya zama baki: Nigeria analysis


Nigeria is headed for another civil war.  The USA must not take sides in Nigeria's de-facto civil war.  There's no saving Nigeria from the outside.  Consider: Boko Haram is largely based in Borno State, in the northeast.  Borno is the poorest part of Nigeria: corruption keeps the oil wealth in the Christian/animist south and away from the Muslim north.  As the largely Islamic southern Sahel empties out, Borno State has filled up with destitute migrants.  Though the West cannot and must not attempt to intervene, from the outside, much can be done from within. 


A lament for Tibet (picture diary).

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We travelled in Western Tibet last month (the bit that belongs to us) - a tiny residuum of an incredibly dense and literate culture, almost, one hears, wiped out in its own land.  Fortunately this culture seems to be relatively safe with us, rather than our somewhat more intolerant neighbors.


Around the World Open Thread

In Italy, a new law allows prisoners to reduce their sentences by reading books.


In the UK, a new law forbids family and friends from sending books to prisoners.


In Iran, women are posting pics of themselves on facebook sans headscarves. (and other European Adventures, Video & Pics) a continuing Project, to be added to from time to may you


April 29, 2014


I am in London and there is an Underground Transportation Strike when I arrive at London Heathrow Airport...madness everywhere...see attached link with pictures.


The would take you two stations and then you'd have to transfer by foot to a different station...up and down...

Young Blood Reverses Aging

More precisely, infusing young blood in mice reverses many of aging's central effects:


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