Scottish Independence and Texan Wild Boars Open Thread

Scottish Independence is losing ground despite Chomsky's support. The latest poll shows momentum swinging to "No" on the referendum, 51 to 37.


Texans actually aren't eating enough bacon and ham:

Dementia on the Supreme Court

While I mentioned this in a post yesterday I think Justice Scalias blunder during his dissent in yesterdays 6-2 decision upholding the authority of the EPA to regulate cross border pollution merits closer examination. Scalia is of course a darling amongst certain conservatives whose overriding guiding principle is "does it piss off liberals". The high regard in which he is held comes not only from his votes on cases before the court, but by his sarcastic, belittling and insulting language (both written and verbal) towards anyone who disagrees with him.


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The administrators at Cedarville University. For firing adjunct professor J.D. Winteregg because he ran a saucy political ad in his campaign for John Boehner's Congressional seat. My favorite line: "If you have a Boehner lasting longer than 23 years, seek immediate medical attention."


This should get more coverage

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Over a month ago, I mentioned the attack on a school by Boko Haram which killed 59 and destroyed buildings. I also mentioned that the girls were "spared". What I didn't know was that Boko Haram launched another attack on 16 April, this time kidnapping 230 schoolgirls, mostly aged 16 to 18. So far, 43 have escaped, leaving 187 in the hands of terrorists.

This year's polar Open Thread.

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This year's Arctic ice melt is shaping up to be very interesting.  


Why I'm Skeptical About Piketty

Like many of you, I am yet to read Capital in the 21st Century but have grazed a number of reviews and write-ups about it. Here’s why I’m approaching the book with some skepticism.


The book’s thesis is that returns to capital (r) have been greater than growth of the economy (g), and that this relationship will continue, causing wealth (and thus inequality) to continue to grow.


Privatisation, the panacea.

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Introducing our soon-to-be new Prime Minister, supposedly winning a cakewalk, if his election campaigners are to be believed.  Starnge to imagine that this could come about so soon after the 2002 annus horribilis.


One Hundred Years of Open Thread

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Sad to have to lead off with an obituary, but famous (and by this point in time, probably now-archetypal) Latin American author Gabriel Garciá Marquez has died at age 87.


Open Thread!

Income inequality is a hot topic among intellectuals. You've got Thomas Piketty's new book this month. You've got a new think tank this year, The Washington Center for Equitable Growthfounded to accelerate cutting-edge analysis into whether and how structural changes in the U.S. economy, particularly related to economic inequality, affect economic growth.


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