I call it: "Open Thread With Two Goats Wearing Sweaters"


Hey, goats, what is that, cashmere? Ha ha ha ha heh.

A New Era Begins

As of now, Jay C, M Scott, and Jordan are officially the new moderators. In theory, their term will extend to December 27, 2014.


This is a long time, and from experience I can say that the job can be thankless, which makes it longer. Please then have a heart and give the guys as little work as possible.


It is also a good time for a round of thanks to our former moderators. They did a great job, and for longer than they expected too.


Moderator Elections

So, better late than never, here is a new chance for the community to choose those who will sustain, for the next nine months, the petty tyranny, abuse of power, arbitrary decisions, incompetent leadership, favoritism, fair, just, and representative governance of this here establishment.


Choose any three. Don't be too careful. Darts on a board should do just as well. You have till the 28th.


Note: If I missed anybody, or if anybody who is listed wants to be missed, be sure to let me know!

  • Current date: Mon, 09/01/2014 - 11:12pm
  • Opening date: Mon, 11/29/1999 - 10:00pm
  • No closing date.
19 out of 1424 eligible voters cast their ballot
Jay C
22% (12 votes)
M Scott Eiland
22% (12 votes)
20% (11 votes)
M Aurelius
15% (8 votes)
9% (5 votes)
7% (4 votes)
5% (3 votes)

This decision is currently closed.

This Open Thread is way better than all those other ones

Really, it's no contest. The other threads never had a chance.

Still deluded after all the intervention in AfPak.

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So the NYT has an extensive article about how Osama bin Laden was deliberately protected by the ISI, with the full knowledge of the State.


St. Patrick's Day open thread

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I celebrated by watching Leprechaun's Revenge on SyFy.


Nation Of California Open Thread

You can thank Bloomberg for the upgrade:

Fewer markets are accepting UN Certified Emissions Reductions, credits created from investment in carbon-reduction programs, as nations from China to California adopt their own standards.

Where's the Boeing 777? Open Thread

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Terrorists?  Chinese missile?  Russian missile (misfire from Sevastopol)?  North Korean test?  Satellite debris on re-entry?




The Political Marble: BlaiseP reads the Ukraine entrails

HankP says US foreign policy and security policy is still engaged in self-defeating Cold War tactics. As a veteran of an intricate proxy war waged under the larger rubric of the Cold War, I don't share his opinion. But there's lots to agree with in his diary: there are no Good Guys in this squabble, as there were none in mine.

Putin hates gays open thread

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If you say something pro-gay that hits a minor's ears, or even if you wear rainbow-colored suspenders on certain occasions, then you better pay up, bub. 

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