Where's the Boeing 777? Open Thread

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Terrorists?  Chinese missile?  Russian missile (misfire from Sevastopol)?  North Korean test?  Satellite debris on re-entry?




The Political Marble: BlaiseP reads the Ukraine entrails

HankP says US foreign policy and security policy is still engaged in self-defeating Cold War tactics. As a veteran of an intricate proxy war waged under the larger rubric of the Cold War, I don't share his opinion. But there's lots to agree with in his diary: there are no Good Guys in this squabble, as there were none in mine.

Putin hates gays open thread

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If you say something pro-gay that hits a minor's ears, or even if you wear rainbow-colored suspenders on certain occasions, then you better pay up, bub. 

Philomena Review, including spoilers

Philomena is a complex and emotionally gripping story, excellently acted especially by Judi Dench. 


I was unfamiliar with the film’s central topic – that the Catholic Church in 50s Ireland essentially conscripted many young women who had children out of wedlock, forcing them to work without pay and with no means of paying for their release. Then the nuns in the reform school would sell the young women’s children to rich foreigners, probably on the pretense that the children were abandoned.


Pussy Riot in Sochi open thread

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Police state update. Along with threats from female suicide bombers, aka black widows, the Russian Federation is also threatened by the appearance of a couple of girl rock band members in Sochi. Putin also appears to be threatened by U.S.

Oh Penguin don't be a silly bird Open Thread.

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So Penguin chooses, voluntarily, to recall and pulp Dr Doniger's Alternative History.  

"The book is in a bad taste right from the beginning," Mr Batra told a BBC Hindi colleague on Wednesday. "If you see the front page [cover], the picture there is also objectionable since it portrays a deity in a vulgar pose. The book is slanderous and even facts have been distorted."

Giraffe Execution Open Thread

I saw this story about Marius the Giraffe over at TPM, and while it's easy to understand that the zoo felt the animal needed to be put down, and it's also easy to understand that animal rights groups were upset over the poor creature's fate, this is not at all easy to understand:  

The East is the East and the West goes through bouts of lunacy.

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This is what I felt when I had an interaction recently with a bunch of Afghans who appear to have started their traditional relationships with our plainspeople once again.  And why not?  Their experience with the West over the past 40 years might have finally convinced them that a view of the Hindu Kush induces lunacy in Western governments.


Well Thank God That Weekend Came to an End Open Thread

The death of Philip Seymour Hoffman, the public clowning of Peyton Manning and the Broncos (I was rooting for the Seahawks but I came to see a game not a humiliation), now lacing up for a third (or fourth?) winter storm of the year. There are far more terrible things in life, but I would have preferred to see a few dozen more movies with Mr. Hoffman in them, all things considered. 

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