Pussy Riot in Sochi open thread

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Police state update. Along with threats from female suicide bombers, aka black widows, the Russian Federation is also threatened by the appearance of a couple of girl rock band members in Sochi. Putin also appears to be threatened by U.S.

Oh Penguin don't be a silly bird Open Thread.

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So Penguin chooses, voluntarily, to recall and pulp Dr Doniger's Alternative History.  

"The book is in a bad taste right from the beginning," Mr Batra told a BBC Hindi colleague on Wednesday. "If you see the front page [cover], the picture there is also objectionable since it portrays a deity in a vulgar pose. The book is slanderous and even facts have been distorted."

Giraffe Execution Open Thread

I saw this story about Marius the Giraffe over at TPM, and while it's easy to understand that the zoo felt the animal needed to be put down, and it's also easy to understand that animal rights groups were upset over the poor creature's fate, this is not at all easy to understand:  

The East is the East and the West goes through bouts of lunacy.

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This is what I felt when I had an interaction recently with a bunch of Afghans who appear to have started their traditional relationships with our plainspeople once again.  And why not?  Their experience with the West over the past 40 years might have finally convinced them that a view of the Hindu Kush induces lunacy in Western governments.


Well Thank God That Weekend Came to an End Open Thread

The death of Philip Seymour Hoffman, the public clowning of Peyton Manning and the Broncos (I was rooting for the Seahawks but I came to see a game not a humiliation), now lacing up for a third (or fourth?) winter storm of the year. There are far more terrible things in life, but I would have preferred to see a few dozen more movies with Mr. Hoffman in them, all things considered. 

Enrollment around 80% and counting

It was previously suggested here that "you don't know how many of the 2.1 million have enrolled, but most likely well less than half" (emphasis mine) with the oft-repeated claim being that a majority of people who selected Obamacare plans would not make the necessary premium payment to complete the purchase of those plans. 


Speedy Recovery Prayer Circle and Open Thread

Wherein we all hold hands and try to miracle Hank into feeling a little bit less like yesterday's meatloaf. While arguing about stuff.

Hastily concocted semi-live football diary (& open thread)

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OK: now that the AFC had decided it's champion for this year: one main question now arises:


Who ITH designed the Seahawks' (presumably standard "home"?) uniforms? Darth Vader? If you wanted to to highlight the teams into "humans" vs. 
"robots" for TV, you couldn't do worse than this....


Also: said robots don't seem to have had their "defense" programming updated....

Digital Sunrise Open Thread

 The way to see the sun in Tiananmen Square is now on an LED Screen:


... I'm in sunny San Diego and giving thanks for the EPA. Open Thread!

Parents of the Year open thread

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• I'm fairly confident in saying that this family isn't in the running, and I don't think that Omaha PD will win the Law Enforcement Agency of the Year award, particularly since they took the child out of the home even though no crime was committed.

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