What could go wrong? Syrian civil war edition

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For one, there are 5,000 U.S. troops amassed in Jordan, not far from the Syrian border.

Eager Lion, a 12-day annual military exercise involving 8,000 personnel from 19 countries, is underway as the civil war rages next door in Syria.

Zombie Apocalypse Open Thread

They are coming...



But, before they run us over, I have a question:

...the Los Angeles Times has reported that Mr. Snowden originally smuggled electronic files out of the National Security Agency in Hawaii using a USB thumb drive.

How can this be true?


The Cat Is Out Of The NSA's Bag, Maybe

As all things related to spook agencies, I disclaim "maybe" because with these guys you never know. The whole thing could just be an exercise, an information gathering op, a setup for something else, or a political op against the administration.


But let's set the tinfoil aside and take the story so far at face value. Why not? It sounds plausible enough.


The recession opens up wonderful new opportunities...Open Thread

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Has the recession driven the world mad?  I think so.

BREAKING: Assault rifle kills at least 6 in Santa Monica

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This is still a breaking news story. Seems some 25 or so year old white male decks himself out in body armor, and goes on a shooting spree. I lived here 20 years and know the neighborhood pretty well. I'm acquainted with a few people who knew the shooter. There may be more than one involved. Violence spread thru the neighborhood, with a shootout in the Santa Monica College library,  and possibly there is related shootings few miles south in Mar Vista. 


More creeping fascism [Update: Welcome to PRISM, the latest creep toward a fascist state]

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Glennwald has the story:

The National Security Agency is currently collecting the telephone records of millions of US customers of Verizon, one of America's largest telecoms providers, under a top secret court order issued in April.

Hyperpartisan pr**k open thread

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Non-tribal. The lede was buried, but Bird Dog is not a Republican anymore. As an independent moderate conservative, don't expect any easing up on the Left, and don't expect any spirited defenses of conservatives who say and do stupid things.

Why Call Benghazi Terrorism, and Not a Legitimate Target of War Open Thread

I honestly don't get all this Noise over Behghazi.  Is it being maintained that American personnel actively engaged in War may not be an appropriate target by the opposition and justly killed?


The US Embassy in Libya is in Tripoli. So just exactly what were 32 CIA and ex-Seal-Special Forces Contractors doing Benhgazi? What was the purpose of Annex A? What were they doing there? This what I want to see a congressional investigation of. I want these men questioned under oath.


Three GOP lies for three scandals for one reason

The trio (Benghazi, IRS, AP/Rosen) of "scandals" getting a lot of play in the media (and here!) have produced quite a bit of heat but rather less light. There's certainly aspects that are legitimately problematic, and it's entirely proper that so far four State officials and the acting IRS director have been forced to resign. At the same time, a lot of this is either nakedly political manufactured outrage (from the right) or typically lazy horse-race clucking (from the media).

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