Why People Sometimes Go Poof, Vanishing Magically into the Good Night

I had no desire to leave The Forvm. I had written numerous E-Mails to the Moderators regarding my sudden inability to post...I could read and log in to The Forvm....but I could not post, all I ever got was a white screen saying, "Service Unavailable." I assumed that this was how it was for people that were banned...they could read but they could not post having received two yellows or a red card.

Free speech open thread

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Apparently, the Kansas Board of Regents doesn't think much of the First Amendment, with emphasis on doesn't think.

Polar politics Open Thread.

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How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Re Catchy’s serial killer link, I thought I’d mention my own experience.


Two Important Space Milestones

We've had two important space milestones these past few days. Though neither represent a breakthrough in the what, both are breakthroughs for the who, and the how.


I am talking about the departure from Earth orbit of India's Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM), and the SpaceX's first geosynchronous satellite launch, the SES 8 mission.


MOM being placed in vacuum test chamber.


Both are significant for various reasons.


Important Reminder

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With the Christmas season almost upon us, I'd like to remind everyone to use the Amazon link on the right hand column to order your Christmas gifts - at least the big, expensive ones.


Also, for your amusement:





I am the webmaster for http://www.xxxxxxx.com


The B52's Open Thread (Updated)

So Obama presumably approved flying two B52's right through China's newly minted Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) established over the islands it disputes with Japan. Meanwhile, the Japanese government instructed JAL and ANA to fly through the zone without notifying Chinese civil aviation authorities of their flight plans, as they had both started to do.


Open Thread, Open Existence

Have fun dropping whatever in comments below.


A recent piece in the Guardian from a guy I work with on how terrible the elderly fare in Asian countries.


I sense quite a bit of cognitive dissonance in South Korea, which supposedly culturally values its elders, but which leaves many to suffer in poverty and is obsessed over youth. 


From the article:


Busty weekend open thread

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Clown Maduro has not nationalized or price-controlled the mannequin industry, and it's flourishing.

Obama's relationship with insurers is busted.

Where Do I Even Begin?

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Crazy, awful year.

5 deaths, 3 of family members and 2 of friends (update, 2 more friends I just heard about this week). Dealing with an elderly relative who appears to be losing his mind. Renovated the house in 6 months and then sold it in a day (but still dealing with the fallout from a completely incompetent escrow company). Moved to an apartment downtown. Business is booming, new clients every month.


Living downtown is great. The pluses and minuses:

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