All Saints Day open thread

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I never knew about this day until I put BD Jr. in a Catholic school. In the secular world for a certain high school class, it's Senior Skip Day. On a personal note, Miss Bird Dog verbally committed last night to University of San Diego, a Roman Catholic college. Go figure. Fortunately, the crew coach made an offer whereby the school would cover tuition which, at $41k per year, is pretty substantial. Just under half the student body is actually Catholic, and the atmosphere is reasonably secular.

Living on the edge and health insurance

Suppose you are poor but not covered by medicaid. Suppose you don't have much, if any, savings; suppose you don't have much, if any, extra cash after expenses (rent, food, bills) in a given month. Suppose you do not receive health insurance through your job. Let's consider two scenarios: first, you are healthy; second, you are not.


RIP Lou Reed Open Thread

What a guy.


Feel free to leave thoughts on anything that seems worth talking about below.

Open mind thread

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Which each passing day, we learn how much worse Obamaware is than advertised. In Thursday's Wall Street Journal.

Insurers say the federal health-care marketplace is generating flawed data that is straining their ability to handle even the trickle of enrollees who have gotten through so far, in a sign that technological problems extend further than the website traffic and software issues already identified.

To default or not, that is the open thread question - UPDATE x2!

What are people's guesses on whether the US raises the debt ceiling in 3 days? My guess is Boehner digs in and doesn't pass whatever the Senate comes up with. I'd be curious to read anyone else's predictions. This is also an open thread.


UPDATE II: The NAYs have it -- M Aurelius, heet, and Bird Dog are theforvm's preeminent prognosticators! 

Jordan, catchy, nilsey and brendanm98 can't read the country's political dynamics to save their lives! Don't listen to them!



How the media is complicit in making up existentialist threats Open Thread.

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So I was reading this JPost article, and the comments therein and wondering at the making and faking of facts to advance an agenda.  A Grade 2 Trevino-in-Malyasia article (these excellence grades go from 5 - paid article indistinguishable from ordinary journalism to 1 - paid article completely obvious in its backscratching, as assessed by a non-English speaking reader).  Prime example - this nonsensical statement

Qatar and the World Cup 2022.

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As documented in al-Jazeera.

Qatar is the home of the Al Jazeera satellite television network and is the world's richest country on a per capita basis.

It also has the highest ratio of migrants to citizens in the world.

Snowden Keeps on Giving Open Thread

So while Traveller wondered if Snowden would just ride off into the Russian sunset, Greenwald continues to methodically digest and release information. I had guessed that we have not heard the last of Snowden's information trove, and so it is. This week the following were confirmed:

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