Nuclear Wessels Open Thread

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The Nimitz’s entry into South Korean waters was a subject of brief controversy last week when South Korea media reported that U.S. and South Korean military officials feared a leak after the website of the North’s official news agency mentioned the ship’s arrival before it was announced or reported by the military or any other media outlets.

Dennis "Do me a solid" Rodman Open Thread

I would love to see the look on some career diplomats' faces if Dennis Rodman's foray into international diplomacy ends up working.


Rodman to North Korea: 'Do me a solid' and release American prisoner

Louder Than Words Open Thread

That's the title of a book about recent developments in neuroscience and language that was discussed on NPR this morning.


Energy and other stuff

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We not only have the potential to be energy independent for electrical power, same goes for battery power.

Unbelievable Open Thread.

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Yes, unbelievable.  We have come to expect laissez-faire in extremis.  From the comments.

I do agree with you that it is beyond the capacity of a nascent democratic nation to be able to have sufficient state controls and tools to police and implement the necessary regulation to ensure workers are treated ethically.

Some get it.

The Latest and Greatest Open Thread

I've created a space for new comments.

Transforming society Open Thread.

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The Guardian's coverage of Mrs Thatcher's assessments must be one of the sharpest of recent times.  As I mentioned in one of the threads here, I lived in Britain in the last few years of Mrs T's prime ministership, and even those days seem light years away - how much more those remembering the 60s and 70s.

Open Thead For Night Owls and Weekend Warriors

George W Bush's Easter Weekend Opening at Gagosian Gallery Open Thread

You've read that former US President George W Bush has been painting dogs (and himself) "with a vengeance."


Pre-Easter open thread

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● I didn't see Obama's speech in Jerusalem, but I just read it. It's pretty good. Here's the part that stood out for me.

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